About Our Mom & Infant Wellness Centre

Hello everyone! My name is Unaisa Gani and I am the founder of the Cub Enterprise.

I am an Occupational Therapist by profession and paediatrics has always been one of my loves. I got into early child development while working in government and designed (unofficial) stimulation programmes for preemie and micro-preemie babies amongst other things. The government then spit us out due to budget cuts in the public health sector and I was left fumbling on my feet. I joined a public sector LSEN school, whose morale was a conflict of interest with mine. It raised questions to me, like who I was and what my purpose for coming into the profession; for the money or for the satisfaction?

I lasted all of a term and a half at the school before my imploding moral compass exploded and I resigned with immediate effect.

The experiences I went through left me wondering if I ever wanted to come back into the profession, but I focussed on career development, specialising and learning.

I now run a busy, private practice in Durban and my love for paediatrics is evergrowing. I gave birth to my first child- a little boy- in June 2018. He was the perfect mix of my husband and I and 4.1 kg’s of perfection that roared a little every time he yawned. Adorable! And boy, did he love sleeping! At first, I was a calm, yet frantic first-time mom, battling the societal pressure of being a mom and basking in the glory of little life. Then I turned into my OT self, wanting to start pushing to meet our development milestones, until I realised that sitting in front of me, was a full term, thriving baby.

I hardly come across these type of humans in my job! What do I do with it?

After posting a few pictures of my new journey here and there on my personal Instagram handle, my private messages started blowing up with expectant moms or moms asking for advice or seeking comfort. I also found comfort in knowing that there were other women experiencing the same ups and downs as I was!

I was determined to create a space, and environment, where moms could speak out, feel supported and seek tips on this big journey. We often forget that the day a child is born, a mom is born too.




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