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    Co-sleeping; a concept known all too well by any parent.

    Co sleeping is essentially sleeping in close proximity to your child. Whether it’s bed-sharing, an attached side crib, different beds in one room or simply allowing your little one in bed as necessary, chances are you’ve experienced it (or will in the future) 💤 

    Whilst co-sleeping may not be the best fit for every family, it certainly has its benefits. Some advantages of co-sleeping include:

    • A few extra hours of sleep for mum and dad ⏰ 
    • Breastfeeding is easier and more convenient
    • Breastfeeding at night helps maintain milk supply 🍼 
    • Promoting attachment parenting for those practicing it i.e. physical closeness as a way of forming close emotional bonds. 🤗 

      And I mean, who doesn’t love to wake up to the babbles of their smiling little one! 👶 

      Whilst co-sleeping does have its benefits, there is much controversy particularly surrounding bed-sharing practices. 

      Some authorities specifically recommend co-sleeping without bed-sharing, since they feel that it is unsafe, supposedly increasing a child’s risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and danger of a sleep-deprived parent from possibly rolling over their little one.

      Ultimately, the decision of co-sleeping and bed-sharing falls upon you the parent. Whichever you choose, we thought we’d share a few tips to ensure safe bed-sharing practices; 
    • place your baby on their back when sleeping
    • the sleep surface should be firm
    • bedding should be tight fitting to the mattress
    • the mattress should be placed flush against the headboard/side-crib
    • there shouldn’t be any room between the wall or bed
    • Babies (with or without an adult) should never sleep on a sofa, couch, futon, recliner, or other surface where they can slip into a crevice or become wedged against the back of the chair/sofa 🛋 
    • avoid swaddling baby when bed sharing as this can lead to overheating (risk factor for SIDS) 🤱🏻

      Co-sleeping is a controversial topic. It’s important to remember that only you truly know your families specific needs, and thus you must be free to make the choices that best serve them- you simply have the right (and responsibility) to be informed about it all 💙

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