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We are committed to the wellness of mind, body, and soul of mom and baby (Dad’s too). Our team has been selected to provide a key focus on development in various specialised fields to promote a healthy generation. At The Cubs Enterprises, you will find a specialist to suit you and your family’s needs

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    Independent Play


    Independent Play

    To optimise independent play to allow your child to reach their optimal growth potential and development in that session, we must be realistic in our play.

    A *typical* attention span is 2-5 minutes per year of a child’s age.
    1 year: 2-5 min
    2 years: 4-10 min
    3 years: 6-15 min
    4 years: 8-20 min
    5 years: 10-25 min

    Allow your child space and growth within this time and limit your rules to allow them to explore, keep it interesting and increase their attention span.

    Other ways to encourage an increase in attention span
    1. Keep it interesting
    2. Use open-ended toys which irk the imagination and can be used in multiple ways
    3. Limit distractions & carry out toy rotation (don’t have too many toys lying around at the same time)
    4. Provide age-appropriate toys
    5. Let your child lead
    6. Work off your child’s current interests and set the theme around that

    If your child has reached their limit, walking away would be normal! Try not to use force to get them to come back to the activity, rather, respect their need for a movement break or regulation.

    Really planned to post more activities and play ideas this holiday, but it’s been tough juggling between work and wanting to spend all my time with my boys when I get home!

    Let me know if you want more play ideas, while we await this weeks announcement on lockdown level 3 and the potential implications it will have on Cubs Den reopening.. We will be in touch with all the waiting list moms by the end of today or by tomorrow to keep you more abreast.

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