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    Rain’Bow 2.0


    An indoor play gym heaven, that is both space-saving and open-ended. Let your children use it from birth as a baby gym with toggles hanging off the slats, or even with a sleep pod in it in the rocker position as a day bed! Allow them to roll over and crawl through the tunnel it creates. Then assist their standing development with its smooth round edges and unique, semi-circular design to promote a safe standing posture for all heights. As your child grows, they can climb the slats, alone and with friends! As they get older, use it as a shop front, toy storage area, rocking ship or anything that your child imagines it is! the opportunities are endless with The Rain’Bow.

    The Rain’Bow 2.0 has more than you would expect! It’s had a worthwhile makeover! With brighter colours, it now houses a full rainbow pantone. It has a lower positioned bottom

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    Additional information

    Weight 14.4 kg
    Dimensions 1200 × 550 × 500 cm