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    Waffle Wave Blanket Beige


    • Material: 100% woven cotton fabric with a three-dimensional texture that gives you the feeling of a warm, thick and heavy blanket as well as a thin breathable blanket all in one.
    • Texture: The waffle texture makes this material very absorbent and it can easily dry when washed/ used as a baby towel. It is known for its thermal properties which makes this blanket useable during winter and summer times by regulating body heat.
    • Multi-use: Can be used as a blanket for your baby during all seasons of the year, as a baby towel or as a throw over the baby cot/bed.
    • How to care for your waffle blanket: Hand wash in lukewarm water OR cold cycle on your washing machine

    This product is handmade and locally produced with lots of love and care.

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