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We are committed to the wellness of mind, body, and soul of mom and baby (Dad’s too). Our team has been selected to provide a key focus on development in various specialised fields to promote a healthy generation. At The Cubs Enterprises, you will find a specialist to suit you and your family’s needs

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    At our lovely mom and baby wellness centre, we offer midwife services on appointment, stimulation groups & baby massage classes.

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    Please Note

    Please note that due to Covid and the chances of cross-infection, we have suspended our classes until further notice. Head on over to Cubs Collection shop to grab some of the fun activities we use in class!

    weeks of play

    Stimulation Classes

    Our stimulation groups are run by a qualified Occupational Therapist with a special interest in pediatrics. We aim at providing the optimal environment and stimuli to encourage your baby to explore and learn. Throughout my years in assessing and intervening with children, I have found an alarming correspondence between understimulation and school performance. On the other end of the spectrum, we see children who are unable to attain optimal school performance due to being predisposed to overstimulating play groups being run by unqualified professionals.

    As Occupational Therapists, we believe that every child deserves equal opportunities. Our stimulation groups are graded by levels and aimed at thriving children, the children with developmental delay as well as disability. In this way, we provide inclusive stimulation to all children, and afford our moms with a chance for social interaction, too.

    We keep our classes small, to ease into social play and to not be overwhelming to our little cubs. In his way, we are able to track each child’s development and intervene where necessary to help our children to thrive. It is also a lovely opportunity for moms to meet and socialize over a warm drink and some snacks for both mom and bub. Our classes range from 6 weeks- 3 years old.

    Tshameka -
    ‘we play’ in Setswana

    These boxes have been designed for the time-strapped and moms who cannot make it to stimulation groups for different reasons. The boxes have no specific age category as we believe that all babies develop at their own pace.
    They are versatile and offer between 4-9 activities. The boxes are handmade with love and have pre-packed activities. Both the child and parent are encouraged to be creative in how they execute their activity boxes to create tailor-made activities to each childs need.


    We have a lovely, well-experienced, and well-learned midwife at our center that takes bookings by appointment. She offers

    • Antenatal care for the pregnant mom and preparation for delivery
    • Postpartum care (wound management, breast care, breastfeeding assistance)
    • Checkups for babies and children
    • Weighing, measurement, and milestone tracking
    • Immunizations from birth to 12 years
    • Vitamin A supplementation and deworming
    • Family planning

    Baby Massage

    We have a qualified baby massage teacher on board who offers weekly classes to moms with babies under 12 months. Baby massage is advised for newborn babies to

    • Increase bonding between parent/caregiver and baby
    • Decrease colic and reflux symptoms
    • Break the flexion, ‘womb’ position of newborns and create a safe space for opening up to the world
    • Encourage routine and relaxation
    • Proven to aid in better sleep
    • Aids in gaining wait for both premature and full-term babies