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We are committed to the wellness of mind, body, and soul of mom and baby (Dad’s too). Our team has been selected to provide a key focus on development in various specialised fields to promote a healthy generation. At The Cubs Enterprises, you will find a specialist to suit you and your family’s needs

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    Who am i?

    Who am i?

    Hi, my name is Unaisa. Something I struggle with even saying when I’m faced with unfamiliar social situations. Truth is, while I do like my social outing with my friends, I truly am reserved at first. Why is it so easy here? Because this is something that I am so passionate about; mom and baby wellness.

    I am an Occupational Therapist by profession. I run a busy, adults and pediatric private practice in central Durban, which consumes about 140 hours of my 168 hour week. When I say ‘consume’, a typical week looks like this: I work 6 days a week, do admin for about a year and then think about work or what needs to be done until I get to work the next day. That includes me sending a voice note to myself, a ‘to-do list’ to my husband or jotting things down on my grocery list so that I don’t forget.

    So my grocery list looks something like this;

    • Milk
    • Duck toilet cleaner 
    • Nivea roll on 
    • Call back Mr M to see if the home exercise program you gave him is easy enough
    • Toilet paper 
    • Wet wipes 
    • Chicken (fillets)
    • Put down journal club meeting dates on your desk calendar 
    • Nappies 

    So… Why did I come up with the Cub Enterprise when I am already so busy and NOW also a mother? I think the question is how. You see, being this busy leaves me jittery when I am trying to do anything but work. After having my baby, I was consumed with breastfeeding, the woes that come with it, recovery from birth, changing nappies, burping, stubborn umbilical cords & bathing the baby. One week after that, my locum at the practice decided to leave which sent me into stress overdrive, I had just had a Caesar! Besides the heavy lifting of patients that is required at my job, surely taking unhealed stitches into a hospital environment wasn’t safe? Oh, and then I wasn’t allowed to express milk till I established a steady breastfeeding supply for 6 weeks. Oh! I had a work trip coming up in four weeks…

    I had my mom, dad, sister, brother, brothers wife and my husband to help. But no one could HELP. That got me thinking; what about those people that don’t have support systems? The ones who moved away from their families for whatever reason, or the ones who have all the support, but simply just wouldn’t ask for help? My Instagram DM’s blew up with followers who would ask for advice on different topics. I don’t know! I was just born a mother a week ago too..

    I wanted to help. 

    Then I remembered one thing; you’re a god damn OT! At 1 week old, your child should be able to do this, this and that. But how do I encourage that? For 6 years now, most of my pediatric experience has been in the NICU with micro preemie babies and preemie babies, as well as my chosen field of specialising; children with disabilities. What do I do with a full term, healthy and thriving baby?

    So I threw myself into research and I was inspired! Being a mom is so rewarding, being in the wrong frame of mind can rob you of these precious days. Being able to be there for your kid for the first 1000 days is so important, yet so little information was available. Till now. I want to inspire and create awareness to the messy but beautiful world of mommahood and your beautiful little humans.

    So, welcome to The Cub Enterprises. A work in progress for 10 months, building ourselves everyday. 

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